It’s official: Parsec is now part of Unity

In 2016, Chris and I started Parsec with one goal: make a low latency remote desktop application performant enough to play PC games from anywhere, across any device. Our assumption was that if a technology was purposefully built to stream video at 60+…

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The rise of the virtual workday

The shape of the Parsec network has changed over the past year. Our customer base has grown as more people discovered Parsec as a helpful way to get closer to friends and family, organize remote tournaments, and broadcast community events. Enabling this social…

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Creating when inspiration strikes

The workforce is in the middle of a tide-shift: 41% of people say they’d rather take a pay cut than go back to a linear, 5-day in-office work week. Millions are opting to continue working from home at least part of the time,…

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parsec and storm

Storm Future-proofs remote post production with Parsec

All over the world, creatives are relying on Parsec and Parsec for Teams to keep creative work on track as we adjust to remote-first workplaces. Storm Post pioneered a number of remote workflows that has altered the way they approach staffing, timelines, and more. We decided…

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