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BeBop Technology and Parsec partner to simplify virtual post-production

Hey, in case you’re confused: we wrote this announcement with our friends at BeBop Technology, an awesome remote virtual post-production platform. So the “we” refers to both us and BeBop. Without further adieu…

Parsec and BeBop Technology are thrilled to announce we’ve partnered to integrate Parsec’s high-performance remote protocol into BeBop’s powerful remote virtual post-production platform. We went ahead and predicted all of your questions and are presenting answers to them, below.

What the heck is Parsec?

Parsec is high performance remote access technology built for the creative industries. Parsec’s modern, peer-to-peer interactive streaming blurs any physical distance between you and a host computer, giving you full control to work whenever inspiration strikes.

Parsec for Teams lets you deploy Parsec across your organization, giving anyone working remotely instant, seamless access to their hardware, whenever they need it.

And what the heck is BeBop?

BeBop is the industry-leading choice for virtual and remote content creation, collaboration, and post-production by some of the biggest names in entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and news.

So what does this partnership mean?

BeBop has integrated Parsec into its cloud brokering technology, so that you can access a high-powered editing workstation from anywhere, at any time. BeBop’s platform takes care of all the complex workstation provisioning and licensing so that you can just click a button and get to work.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out this video.

Anyone with a BeBop subscription can run any creative tool that fits into your creative workflow using your existing hardware licenses. That includes all the apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud like Premiere Pro, Affect Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and VFX software like Nuke, Maya, Davinci Resolve, or Blender.

BeBop Rocket (optimized for the cloud!) also lets you move data back and forth super-fast and gives you the power to manage your projects.

With the BeBop and Parsec connection, collaboration is a native part of the experience. You can stream sessions for review and approval a bunch of different ways with BeBop Rev. A Rev Live stream can play out directly from Premiere Pro in a browser, and lets a reviewer drop comments and notes right on the stream – or even hop into an audio conference! Rev Notes also lets you send an asynchronous stream to a reviewer so they can check out your cuts, effects, or graphics on their schedule. Rev Max enables high quality, multi-channel audio, multi-protocol, real-time review and approval.

OK, I use Parsec and I’m interested. Now what?

First, you’ll need a Parsec for Teams account. You can sign up your organization right here or learn more by getting in touch with the Parsec Team.

And you’ll obviously need a BeBop account.  You can get that right here. Parsec for Teams gives your organization

Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to BeBop’s award-winning production customer success team. We not only provide you with the awesome compute power of BeBop, but also bring out our editors and graphic artists to onboard your creatives and make them comfortable with BeBop and Parsec.

Power your remote workplace. Try Parsec for Teams