Parsec’s Black Friday 2017 Gaming Gift Guide

Last week we talked about some of the games that you should definitely play during the upcoming Holiday season. It was a list filled with incredible titles that, I am sure, will define this generation of gaming in one way or another. Many of them are also PC games, which you can play with Parsec anywhere you want, even if you don’t own a gaming PC. But, just because 2017 has been an exceptional year in terms of software releases, that doesn’t mean the gaming hardware industry has done bad at all. With Black Friday being right around the corner, we are going to take the opportunity tell you about some of our favorite gaming hardware out there. This is that time of the year where we all get to pick up some of the cool stuff we have been eyeing for months. Gaming-wise, in this year alone we have had two console releases, and what probably has been the biggest push towards 4K gaming. So, with that being said, let’s get this shiny tech journey started!

Samsung 49″ Class (48.5″ Diag.) 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range

When we talk about console gaming, we often praise the machine that runs the game, but not the one that displays the action. Well, that is about to change now, since the first item on our list is a fantastic 4K TV that will enhance your viewing and gaming experience. I will be honest; I wasn’t a “4K believer” until I bought the Samsung 49″ Class (48.5″ Diag.) 4K TV last year. It is a game changer (had to make that pun, sorry) that will bring lifelike color, 120 motion rate and a sleek frame to your living room. My favorite feature on this TV is HDR (High-dynamic-range), which is greatly utilized by the PlayStation Pro. Games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Rise of The Tomb Raider are some of the best HDR-enhanced titles you should get if you plan on buying this TV!

HP OMEN X Gaming Laptop

PC Gaming is a pretty serious deal to me. It’s the platform where I started gaming when I was 5 years, and it is the platform I play the most on, to this day. For the majority of my gaming life, I have been a desktop gamer, rather than a laptop guy. Until a few years ago, I didn’t believe gaming laptops were able to match the performance of a custom built system. I remember seeing my brother buy a $2000 laptop in the early 2000’s and be shocked at how bulky, and anti-gaming that machine was. Fast forward to today, and you have gaming laptops powering incredible first-class graphics and futuristic neon lights. I am currently using an HP OMEN X Laptop, and I find myself to be incredibly comfortable working, playing and managing my media with it. Two moments while using this laptop made me a “believer” in this machine:

  • Carrying it through the subway station without getting back pain (it has happened to me with other gaming laptops)
  • Not having the laptop overheating after 10 consecutive hours of work and 2 hours of gaming. I have been disappointed by other gaming laptops in the past, and I have had two die on me in less than a year, but the Omen X is a fantastic Black Friday item I think everyone should consider.

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is a beast of a console. I could have stopped talking about this item on the list after the first sentence, because that by itself perfectly describes Xbox One X. But, let’s make one thing clear: you will not enjoy the full power of Xbox One X unless you own a 4K TV. Yes, it is not mandatory, but, after spending $500 on the console, you might as well burn some more cash on that shiny Ultra High Definition TV of your dreams. With that being said, the Xbox One X allows you to play every single title released on Xbox One with enhanced visuals and gorgeous 4K resolution. Should you buy this console if you already own an Xbox One? It really depends on how much you enjoy raw power and stunning graphics. The casual player out there might not be so interested in 4K, but hardcore gamers are surely going to enjoy this powerful machine. I also think that, because of its array of entertainment and streaming apps, people will also be interested in the Xbox One X as a home entertainment hub. It is not the cheapest option in the console gaming realm, but it is surely one the gaming geek in you should consider for Black Friday.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

I have been a fan of Logitech for 15 years now. My very first memory of Logitech was buying a $10 mouse in 2002, which then became my “partner” in countless nights spent fragging players in Unreal Tournament (you can tell how old school I am by seeing me use the word “frag” in 2017). Logitech makes gaming peripherals and accessories that are affordable and premium, and the Logitech G502 Proteus Core gaming mouse reflects those values. The mouse is visually appealing, ergonomic and offers great tracking. It is also pretty heavy, which I personally like. I love its button layout: in games like Overwatch, I allocate all of the normal and ultimate abilities to the side buttons of the mouse, which really helps my reaction time and gaming performance. The device is fully customizable and comes with a simple and straightforward software, that allows users to store different profiles. Overall, from a price-quality standpoint, I think this is the best gaming mouse on the market.

Nintendo Switch

It’s no surprise that many of us at Parsec love Nintendo. At this point, I like to think that every single gamer on earth has played a Nintendo game at least once in life. But, while Nintendo has achieved incredible success since its inception in 1889 (as a card trading company!), they have also had some big failures. After the groundbreaking and record-setting Wii, people thought Nintendo was going to land another hit with the Wii U, and we all know how that ended. As a passionate Nintendo fan, I was incredibly disappointed with Wii U’s hardware and software output. I bought a Nintendo Switch on day one hoping things would be different. And they are. On a pure hardware perspective, the Nintendo Switch is incredible: for less than 4 pounds in weight, it packs a Tegra X1 Processor and the innovative Joy-Con controllers (which feature motion controls), to mention a few cool elements in it. I never realized I wanted a console that I could bring anywhere until I started playing my Nintendo Switch on the daily commute to work. Conveniency is what makes the Nintendo Switch a perfect item to pick up on Black Friday. Because of the many play modes it offers (TV, handheld, tabletop, etc.), the Switch is simply for everyone.

Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition 2015 Headset

I am big sound guy. People often dedicate a lot of their time and attention to visual fidelity, but, I think a great gaming experience also requires excellent audio. Spending 10 years producing and editing videos really helped me understand how important it is to create a compelling audio experience — video games are no different. The Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition 2015 Headset simply makes my gaming sessions better. It offers crystal clear audio, a good microphone, and easy to use volume control. Aside from the technical “blah blah blah”, I will now answer your biggest doubt: yes, they are incredibly comfortable to wear. For the mere price of $114, you will be picking up a great headset that you can use for gaming, music, or voice recording.

So, these are our favorite gaming accessories and hardware of 2017. If you are lucky to catch any of these great products on Black Friday, don’t miss out on the opportunity to make them yours! Many of these items are also incredibly useful to enhance your Parsec gaming experiences. With that being said, feel free to leave a response with that you think are some of the cool gaming hardware we should pick up this upcoming Black Friday!

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