Bring Online Co-Play To Your Offline Multiplayer Games

By Benjy Boxer

We’ve partnered with Catalope Games to bring online Co-play to the critically acclaimed game, Scrap Galaxy. This 2-D top-down shooter is a ton of fun, and with Parsec’s Co-play feature, you can get your friends in the action from anywhere without worrying about sitting in the same room.

My Review Of Scrap Galaxy

Personally, I really love the game because it combines the strategy of managing resources (I love resource management games) with a fast paced 2D top-down shooting mechanic. With the addition of some healthy competition between friends, I’ve spent hours playing already. Each round is really fast and action packed. The random selection of resources forces you to make quick decisions on when to use a specific card or hold out hope for a better resource. It reminds me of classic card games, like Gin Rummy, and new variations, like Exploding Kittens. Each round of Deathmatch is different due to the random cards you receive to build your spaceship for the battle. We’ve played a bunch over the last couple weeks, and although I love the game, I have to admit that Dan has been crushing me in our online Co-Play games. But I’m practicing on the side for the next game night at Parsec.

Bringing Online Co-Play To A Game Without Netcode

For the developer of the game, Jesper Tingvall, Parsec solved one of the most requested features for his new game (it officially launched on December 1).

As the developer of Scrap Galaxy one of the most frequent things I hear is “that game is awesome! but is it local multiplayer only?”. Bringing Scrap Galaxy online is one thing we really want to do, but as a tiny indie studio, rewriting the entire game from scratch and inserting netcode would take a lot of time and resources. We are very happy to work with Parsec to provide a solution for players who want to play Scrap Galaxy with their friends online.

With Parsec, Scrap Galaxy players can jump into online Deathmatches or co-op games with their friends, and Jesper didn’t have to write a single line of netcode to make it happen. The flexibility to quickly add online co-op mode to the game, made this an easy partnership for both teams, and we’re so excited to bring Co-play to this game and many other independently developed games.

Partner With Parsec On Your Game For Online Multiplayer

This is the second game we’ve partnered with and have enabled online Co-Play for. It gives your gamers more reasons and opportunity to play and extends the value of the game. Last week, we announced a partnership with Tipping Goat to bring online Co-play to Super Slam Dunk Touchdown. These partnerships are helping both of these indie developers bring online elements to their games without writing a single line of netcode. We also have an SDK and API that will soon be available to directly integrate Parsec into your game.

Reach out to me if you’re interested in talking about how Parsec can bring online Co-play to your game.

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