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Creative companies see huge potential in distributed teams

We surveyed a group of more than one thousand Parsec for Teams administrators and the developers, designers, testers, and artists using Parsec every day to learn more about the transition to a fully remote workplace.

If you want to read about all of our findings, you can download “Remote Work, Here to Stay”.

Parsec lets creative teams access the specialized hardware they need, wherever they happen to be

Until recently if you worked with large, graphic-intensive files, you were tied to a studio that had the necessary storage capacity and processing power. While you still need that hardware somewhere, using Parsec for remote access means you don’t need to be anywhere near it.

For VFX artists, illustrators, developers, and post-production staff that means the freedom to work wherever they feel most inspired — whether that’s at home or halfway around the world. For engineering teams that means a more efficient allocation of processing power, and the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

As the world permanently transitions to remote work, and Parsec for Teams users enjoy five hours in earned time every single week, companies stand to benefit just as much as an employee. All that time means happier employees, lower turnover, and reduced overhead.

Here’s just a few of the ways they’re already benefiting.

More efficient teams

Distributed teams that access their equipment through Parsec can work on multiple projects asynchronously, allowing the same specialist to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Reduced real estate costs

Industry research firm Gartner estimates that remote work will allow organizations to hire and support 40% more people in the same amount of office space. Parsec also allows companies that depend on expensive pools of computers (like render farms) to move those machines off-site or into the cloud. 53% of Parsec for Teams admins already report reducing office space to support long term remote work.

Access to talent

Remote work boosts employee happiness, with 37% of employees saying they’d change jobs to one that allows remote work some or all of the time. Businesses that build distributed teams also benefit from a larger talent pool, unbound by geography. You can hire the best talent, wherever they are. 73% of Parsec for Teams administrators report having already started diversifying their talent.

This is an excerpt of our recent research “Remote Work, Here to Stay”. Want to read the full thing? Follow this link.

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