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Creatives Prefer WFA (Work From Anywhere)

We surveyed a group of Parsec for Teams administrators and the developers, designers, testers, and artists using Parsec every day to learn more about the transition to a fully remote workplace.

If you want to learn more, you can download “Remote Work, Here to Stay”.

Over the last decade the number of people working remote at least once a week increased 400%.

COVID-19 changed so much about the way we live: How we shop, how we eat, how we spend time with our family and friends. 42% of Americans are now working full time from home or another remote location: there’s no doubt that COVID-19 also changed the way we work. But among knowledge economy workers in creative, technology, and scientific fields, the pandemic only accelerated a trend that started 20+ years ago.

No one knows for certain what the workplace will look like in another 20 years, but COVID-19 has demonstrated that remote work and distributed teams just work. Before the pandemic, just 14% of companies said that their company could work remotely and keep the same level of productivity. Today that number is 39%. That’s a 25 point jump in Q1 2020 alone. And 1 in 6 workers plan to continue working remotely 4–5 days a week, even after the pandemic subsides.

But there’s been a major exception to the remote work trend: Animators, game developers, video editors, scientists, and engineers — creative teams that depend on processing power, specialty hardware, and petabytes of local storage. Legacy remote-access technology simply couldn’t handle their specialized needs, which meant that they needed to be on-site, with their team, to work and create.

Parsec changes all that.

Time, flexibility, and productivity make people prefer working remote

We asked Parsec for Teams users whether they were saving any time working remotely and the results were surprising: 55% said that they were saving more than an hour each day.

The number one reason for such time savings? Faster, more precise control of their tools through Parsec.

All that time leads to a happier workforce. About half of people reported spending more time with their families, enjoying media and entertainment, and focusing on their physical and mental health.

“Being in a more familiar medium and lacking distractions from the office have improved my efficiency and increased the time I’m able to work before feeling fatigued, both physically and mentally.” ~ a Parsec for Teams user

With all that time back, it’s no surprise 96% of Parsec for Teams users say they prefer working remote, at least some of the time. And we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

This is an excerpt of our recent research “Remote Work, Here to Stay”. Want to read the full thing? Follow this link.

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