Feeling Closer During A Long Distance Relationship Via Co-Play Gaming

Games have been an important part of building strong personal relationships throughout human history. Our earliest records from Mesopotamia show that games played an important role in human interaction and building relationships between people in the earliest civilizations. Of course, this has continued to the present day. The games may have changed, but relationships continue to be enhanced by the games we all love. With Parsec, a budding relationship was able to grow through the shared experiences of playing video games through the unique couch gaming experience possible via our game streaming software.

Samanta and Gabriel met online over a year ago. Samanta lives in Croatia and Gabriel lives in Florida. They were both members of a Facebook group that Gabriel posted to. Based on that post, Samanta decided to reach out to Gabriel directly. Following that, a Facebook friend request was sent, a few messages each day, and since that day, they’ve spoken every day.

In August 2017, Gabriel was looking for a way to share gaming with Samanta. As gamers, they wanted to have the experience of sitting in the same room despite living approximately 5,000 miles from each other. The first game they played was Street Fighter Alpha 3. They played the game in the dramatic battle co-op mode. Gabriel said that they were just “really excited to see that it was finally working.” In the time that they’ve been dating, Gabriel and Samanta had tried to find a program that could bridge the distance and help them game together, but everything fell short. Parsec has quite literally changed how they spend their time together. Currently, they play a lot of The Evil Within 2, Resident Evil HD Remaster, and Salt and Sanctuary. They’ve also spent a lot of time switching who is in control as they explore the vast open world of Just Cause 3.

This story hits close to home for the Parsec Team. Alex, who currently runs marketing at Parsec, also met his wife online. He was living in Italy, and she was in Connecticut. They met based on a shared love for wrestling video games and wrestling. Their relationship also grew online, just like Gabriel and Samanta’s. Alex would have loved to have a product like Parsec when he and Ivette met online. This experience is what initially attracted Alex to Parsec and encouraged him to apply for a job to change how the gaming world accesses and plays video games together. Alex and Ivette now live in Brooklyn and are happily married. They’re lucky that they get to play fighting games and Overwatch from the same living room, but Alex has been reaching out to friends back home to have them join and game with him now that Parsec exists. Now, Parsec is keeping him close to his friends back home in Italy.

Gaming is meant to be a shared social experience. Parsec aims to take the best from the current generation of games and help people reconnect and play the games, like they’re sitting on the couch together. We have so many fond memories of epic GoldenEye battles and long hours playing Street Fighter on the couch with friends. We want to bring this experience back with our game streaming software.

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