Gamers Are Jumping On The Nvidia GTX 1000 Series GPUs Faster Than They Adopted The 900 Series

Consumer preferences for GPU brands and models have shifted significantly over the last 31 months on PCPartPicker. In looking at the data of the 25,780 builds that included a GPU and CPU, you can get a picture of the overall GPU market as well as recent shifts. For instance, in the last 31 months, Nvidia held a commanding 73% share versus AMD’s 27% market share. But in the last six months, this has shifted even further in Nvidia’s favor with 80% of PCPartPicker builds including an Nvidia card. Exploring the build data further reveals interesting shifts within Nvidia’s GPU product mix. Consumers are shifting to the GTX 1000 series faster than they did to the GTX 900 series.

New Releases Quickly Replace Older Models In Builds

As expected, when a new model is released, the last model’s sales slow down, but with each new model, it seems that the growth is even stronger at each release.

From the graph above, you can see the tradeoff in consumer behavior happening. As the new card is released, gamers start building fewer machines with that older card. This is expected behavior, but what is perhaps more interesting is the relative slopes of the lines.

1000 Series Seems To Be Doing Better Than The 900 Series

When examining the initial growth of the GTX 1000 series versus the initial growth of the GTX 900 series, you can see that the excitement is accelerating with the newest generation of cards. If the trend holds, the GTX 1000 series will prove to be a much more successful launch relative to the 900 series. This is clearly great news for Nvidia stockholders. Gamers are choosing to upgrade or buy the new cards faster than they were the old ones, and they are capturing even more market share than they had in the past at the expense of AMD.

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