Gaming Together To Beat Dokapon Kingdom Across An Epic 14 Saturdays With Parsec Game Streaming

On the weekends since August a group of friends, Elise, Goliath, Luneia, and Gunshin (real names have been replaced with their character names) have gathered online for an epic mission to beat Dokapon.* Although this sounds like a pretty standard Saturday activity for most people, the difference in this case is that all four friends live in different cities.

Without the online Co-play capabilities of Parsec, this dream would just be a fantasy. The adventure took about 60 hours across 14 sessions. While the four would play, a few of their other friends would join to spectate and participate in the fun. The shared desire to play a game together and the ability to do so with Parsec gave this group of friends a chance to hangout in a way that wasn’t quite possible before.

Using Cloud Streaming To Co-play

Although probably unnecessary for graphics rendering, the friends split the cost of a cloud machine to take advantage of the extra upload bandwidth and central location of the gaming PC to all four of them. With the cloud machine, they were able to play, invite friends to watch, and have host a voice chat to experience the game just as if they were sitting on the couch together.

Reliving the memories from our youth was one of the inspirations for creating Parsec. Chris and Jamie would battle it out for supremacy on the couch as kids, just like many of us did with our siblings and friends. I love the idea of Co-playing classics via Parsec because it reminds me of the fond memories in my friends’ basements (I’m from the Midwest, we all have basements) playing multi-player games, like GoldenEye or taking turns in Zelda.

Just as we hope you will do with Parsec, these friends were able to continue their tradition of Saturday gaming sessions while playing a game without online capabilities. In case you’re wondering, the next game the group plans on playing together is Torchlight II.

*The friends assured me that they owned several copies of the original game and used emulation to run the game on the cloud machine.

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