How To Play Heave Ho Co-op Mode Online

Tldr — Parsec lets you play any offline multiplayer game online, so check it out to play Heave Ho online. There might even be some public Parties that you can join right now to play the game with people near you.

Marco and I decided to try out the Heave Ho demo and our short impression is — wow this game is amazing for playing with friends! It’s got incredible cooperative elements as well as plenty of ways to troll your friends while playing together. This little taste made us want more to see if we could master the levels as they progress. We are very excited to see the full version go live today (August 29). You can buy the game on Steam here. The fantastic development team at Le Cartel Studio has created an awesome follow-up to one of the more popular games on Parsec, Mother Russia Bleeds.

Although the demo is short, you can immediately feel the stress of working together to solve the puzzles and get from the start to the finish line.

It took a few tries to get the hang (pun intended) of swinging from left arm to right arm and working together to throw each other across the screen, but once we figured out how to coordinate and increase momentum, the game really opened up for us.

The game only offers a local multiplayer version, but you that’s no problem because you can make it online with Parsec, which was perfect for us because we were taking a work-from-home day. Marco joined me, and we played the game across the city during a little break. With the launch of the game, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some people hanging in Party Finder looking to play with others, so check it out today and buy the game because I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Playing Heave Ho Online

How To Invite Your Friends To Play Heave Ho Online With You

  1. Buy Heave Ho on Steam
  2. Download Parsec
  3. If you own Heave Ho, start the game, and go back to Parsec to set up a Party by clicking Create Party. Approve Heave Ho in your Host Settings under Approved Apps.
  4. Send the link from the Party to your friends, so they can join you!

How To Find A Public Game Of Heave Ho

  1. Download Parsec
  2. Head to Parsec’s Party Finder
  3. Press the join button on a Heave Ho Party
  4. Start playing with someone new and try out the game!
  5. Buy the game on Steam to support the developers 🙂

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