How To Play Mario Kart 8 And Other Switch Games With Friends Anywhere In The World Without A…

By James Stringer

Parsec allows for ultra-low latency connections between two gaming devices. With our technology we wanted to allow friends to co-play PC games that don’t have an online mode when they’re not sitting in the same room. We miss the days of sitting on the same couch and playing GoldenEye or trading turns to make it to the next level. With this technology, we wanted to see if it would be possible to apply our software and co-op Switch games from anywhere. With a little bit of glue, elbow grease, and patience, we were able to figure it out and get remote play and co-play working on a Nintendo Switch.

Hardware requirements

  • Nintendo Switch and included Switch Dock
  • Windows 10 PC with modern GPU capable of running Parsec
  • Elgato HD 60 Pro (lowest latency capture card available)
  • Titan One
  • Brook Adapter (Xbox One to Nintendo Switch) — As of the newest firmware update on the Titan One, this product is no longer needed!
  • HDMI headless dongle
  • Reliable internet connection with at least 10mbps upload (required for hosting)
  • Client device (Mac, Windows PC, Linux PC or Raspberry Pi 3) with Xbox Controller connected

Software Requirements

  • Parsec
  • Windows 8.1 or better
  • Elgato Game Capture HD
  • Titan One GTuner Software
  • MaxAim DI Plug in for GTuner

Pair Brook Adapter to Nintendo Switch

Required before starting remote play setup

  1. Connect Brook adapter to Nintendo Switch (Powered on)
  2. Connect Xbox One controller to Brook Adapter via USB Cable
  3. Follow below steps to complete pairing to Switch

How to Setup Remote play

1. Plug Nintendo Switch into Dock

2. Plug Switch HDMI Cable into IN port of Elgato Capture card

3. Plug HDMI headless dongle into OUT port of Elgato Capture Card

4. Plug mini B USB cable into Titan One, and the standard USB end into PC

5. Plug Titan Adapter into female USB port of Brook Adapter

6. Plug Brook Adapter into Nintendo Switch Dock USB Port

7. Signup and Install Parsec to your PC and friends machine (host user add client user as a friend on — insure host user installs controller software bundled with Parsec.

8. Client user connect to host using Parsec (or host user can optionally connect their own Xbox controller to host system)

9. Client user (with controller connected) press button on Xbox controller

10. Verify host can see Xbox controller now added to device manager

11. Download and Install GTuner Pro for Titan One

12. Open options in GTuner, and navigate to the Device Tab, ensure it is manually set to show up as an Xbox One controller.

13. Install MaxAim DI Plugin

14. Open MaxAim DI Plugin

15. Select Direct Input Settings

16. Select Direct Input controller

17. Ask client user to press buttons on controller to verify that input is received via Parsec.

18. Map appropriate controls to your onscreen controller (you may need to select Xbox Layout in Layout Options). The Xbox button doesn’t seem to work in my setup (which would act as the Switch Home button) so I mapped a combo of Start + Select as the Xbox Guide button by right clicking on the Guide Button and selecting more.

19. Save your layout as I find that it often forgets the settings the next time you open the application

20. Enable Direct Input in Direct Input method if not already enabled

21. Install Elgato Capture HD — Keep it in live mode to ensure it stays real time.

Game On

At this point, the client user should be able to fully control the Nintendo Switch including access the home menu, just like a local player should.

The host user will be able to use the Joy Cons locally attach the switch in addition to the remote client user for multiplayer gaming. Enjoy!

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What does HDMI Headless dongle accomplish in this setup in terms of helping make this setup work? Are you able to do the same thing by just not plugging anything into the OUT port of the capture card?

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