HP Partners With Parsec For OMEN Game Streaming — Making OMEN PCs Accessible From Anywhere

Two years ago, we sought to build the lowest latency game streaming software on the market. Our goal is to change how everyone thinks about gaming computers, reducing the dependency on hardware, and letting gamers focus on accessing games from any device, anywhere. We approached the problem from the ground up, building the technology for capturing, encoding, streaming, decoding, and rendering specifically for low latency, high frame rate, HD gaming. Whether it’s a computer you rent from Parsec in the cloud, a gaming PC you built, a pre-built you bought, or a friend’s gaming PC, we believe that you should be able to access a gaming PC from anywhere at any moment. This makes PC gaming more accessible and lets you share your love for gaming easily with friends. Parsec gives you the technology and software to connect seamlessly with the lowest possible latency available.

Some of the largest technology companies in the world have begun to take notice. Today, we’re proud to announce that Parsec is powering the OMEN Game Streaming software included with every OMEN Gaming PC beginning this Spring. With this technology, your OMEN Gaming PC will transition from a desktop computer to an always accessible gaming server. You can connect from within your own home, while you’re traveling, or even from work. You’ll also be able to invite friends to join you on the machine and game together.

As soon as you unwrap your brand new OMEN Gaming PC, you’ll be able to connect to it, from anywhere, on any Windows device (using the OMEN Game Streaming App) or Windows, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, or Linux computer (using Parsec). The OMEN Game Streaming and Parsec networks will be compatible, so you can connect to your Parsec friends, and they’ll be able to connect to you without requiring another download.

With HP, we found a partner that we could not be more excited to work with. HP’s Gaming Product Manager, John Ludwig, shared his thoughts about the partnership.

As networking performance continues to improve rapidly we wondered if we could enable our customers to bring their OMEN experience with them when they leave their computer behind. When Parsec showed us the capability of their streaming technology to deliver low latency and consistent frame rates, we knew we had to partner with them so that OMEN customers could experience the performance of their OMEN anytime and anywhere.

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