Introducing Party Finder — Online Matchmaking For Any Multiplayer Game

Parsec gives you more freedom to play the games you love however you want. Low latency game streaming technology tears down the barriers to gaming and gives you the control to decide how you play games and where you play them. Our mission is to build the world’s best game streaming technology for online co-op, cloud gaming, and playing your favorite games on any device. This technology opens up possibilities for gamers that were never possible before. Ever since we introduced Co-Playing via our game streaming technology (this is an old video, so bear with the quality), we’ve found that Parsec users wanted to find people to play games and share experiences with. Our Discord Server has had a Find-Players channel where people meet up and play games together. There have been several offshoot servers as well where people who meet via Parsec start a regular gaming group together. This inspired us to introduce an easier way to look for players in any game.

We love this. It brings back the days of inviting a group of people over to your house, plopping down on the couch, and playing games together. With Party Finder, we hope you’ll use Parsec to meet new people, discover new games, and of course, have fun!

Party Finder is in a Limited Access Beta. You can request access to Party Finder here.

Party Finder Helps You Discover New Games

The original name for Party Finder was actually Game Finder. We changed it up last minute because we thought that it was easier to understand that matchmaking was at the core of the product, but that shouldn’t distract you from one of the coolest parts about Parties — discovering new games. One person hosts the game, and everyone at the party gets to play the game together. With Party Finder, not only do you have a chance to play games with other Parsec gamers, but you can also discover new games. Imagine someone has listed a new game in Party Finder and that she’s looking for 3 other players to join her. You jump into this new game with the other people and you get to share an experience while discovering a new game together.

We hope that one day, indie devs will also host Parties where you can discover their game, play-test with the developers, and see what’s new in gaming.

The Virtual Arcade — For Any Game

Party Finder is your virtual arcade or couch for any game. You can invite anyone over to play a game with you, and you’ll never have to go anywhere. You can play games with people all over the country, just with a quick listing of a Party and invite them to join. If you don’t have a gaming PC, you can also rent a cloud PC and host parties in the cloud.

If you’re a streamer looking to get some of your subscribers or other streamers together to collab on a stream, you can post your Party to your stream and let anyone join.

Don’t Worry — We’ve Got You Covered With Some Privacy Features

Party Finder comes with some features to protect your computer. You can define what applications people can see, what input devices they can use (keyboard, mouse, controller), when they can join your Party, and you can quickly kick anyone from your computer when you’re done gaming.

Check out Party Finder here. We’re excited to see where this goes!

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