Introducing the Parsec Cloud Gaming Marketplace — Build A Cloud Gaming PC With One Click

*Note, Parsec no longer offers access to cloud machines. You can set up a cloud machine on your own using one of our open source scripts here.

We believe that a paradigm shift is happening where consumers’ relationship with computers is changing from ownership to access. Shared computers, and accessing high-powered hardware, will change the model of computing and free consumers from the constant upgrade cycle. You may doubt that this is possible today, and for some people (based on your distance to a data center and bandwidth available), you might be right. But as we’ve argued, the majority of people can use this today and try it because bandwidth is becoming more available, cloud data centers are expanding their footprints, and ASIC decoder make it possible to build software like ours.

At Parsec, we’re building a streaming platform that can make this future possible. The goal: that everyone can remotely access a high-powered PC, no matter where it is hosted, from any device.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you the Parsec Cloud Gaming Marketplace.

We’ve partnered with Amazon and Paperspace to allow you to, in just a few minutes and mouse clicks in our software, launch an AWS G2, AWS G3, a Paperspace GPU+, or Paperspace P5000 cloud gaming PC – no technical knowledge required. No more editing config files and changing advanced settings. The best part? The cost to launch and run one of these computers starts as low as 40¢/hr, plus storage costs (please read this FAQ carefully which covers pricing).

Simply follow the 6 steps below and you’ll be gaming in glorious 1080p/60fps in no time:

  1. Visit your Parsec account.
  2. Purchase credits. You pay-to-play and are only charged for what you use.
  3. Build your cloud gaming machine from the Parsec Cloud Gaming Hardware Marketplace.
  4. Set your auto-shutdown policy. This is one of the biggest benefits of our managed service, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving a server on ever again!
  5. Wait until it provisions (this can take up to 15 minutes on Paperspace, but it’s much faster on AWS for reasons detailed in this article).
  6. Connect on Parsec or in the Parsec Application after hitting the refresh button in the upper right hand corner.

Remember, with Parsec you can also connect to your own gaming PC or your friends’ gaming PCs. Regardless of how you connect, across the board our software provides the lowest latency and most consistent cloud gaming experience.

Game on!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for future updates, and join our Discord for support and finding friends to game with.

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