Launching Civilization 6 In Windowed Mode

Today is a big day for Civilization fans with the highly anticipated launch of Civilization 6. Many Parsec users who have set up a cloud machine to play the game while they wait for the Mac version to be released know that our application only works with games that are launched in windowed mode.

Civilization 6 Artwork

The standard way to launch a game in windowed mode is through the steam launch options. Unfortunately, this will not work for Civilization 6. Instead, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to DocumentsMy GamesSid Meier’s Civilization VI
  2. Open AppOptions.txt
  3. Look for the option that says FullScreen 1
  4. Change that option to FullScreen 0
  5. Save the file and launch Civilization 6

Following that change, your game will open in windowed mode. You can also set your desired RenderWidth and RenderHeight to match your screen resolution for a fullscreen gaming experience.

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