Invite Friends To Play Games With You Via URL Sharing On Parsec

Tl;dr: The Parsec team is supper excited to announce our link sharing feature, which lets you invite your friends to play PC games with you over the internet via URL links. Download Parsec here.

We are so excited to officially reveal our newest feature — link sharing. Now, with link sharing, you can play games with your friends and invite them to join the game as easily as posting a link to a Discord chat, on Facebook Messenger, or in an email. This makes gaming with friends so easy. It’s like inviting a friend over to play games on the couch, but this time, there’s no need to travel. With Parsec, you can play offline co-op games online or just invite your friend to watch you play a game and pass the controls while you hangout.

If you’re interested in the technology decisions behind this feature, check out this excellent post by Dan Applegate.

The links have some fantastic out-of-the-box features:

  1. You can set an expiration on the link.
  2. If you’re already friends with the other Parsec user, the link inherits those permissions.
  3. If you’re not friends with the other Parsec user, you’ll need to grant permission for them to access the computer upon connection.
  4. Once they click the link, and have Parsec downloaded, they can connect by clicking the play button.
  5. You can always delete a link, see who has connected using the link, and see how much time is remaining on that link.

The Power Of Link Sharing

We really hope you find the ability to invite friends to play games with you easier with link sharing. The goal is to make it so your friends and you can seamlessly connect and play games together from anywhere.

Please remember it’s a GIF, FPS looks bad, but it’s at least 60 FPS as the video above shows.

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