Some Of The Best Local Co-op Games You Can Play Online With Friends Using Parsec

Co-Play is the ability to play local co-op games online with Parsec. While it might sound cliché to say that Co-play is a game-changer (a term we hear a lot in the gaming industry), it truly is. For years, I tried to play my favorite local co-op games with my online friends. I know for a fact that developing a functioning online component for a video game is no easy task — especially when it comes to indie developers. It takes a bigger budget, more development time, and more resources. That is why I was excited to join the Parsec team when I found out that Co-play was such a big focus for the company. Playing so many local co-op games throughout my life (especially as a kid), truly allowed me to understand how big of an impact Co-play has on gaming. This feature changes the way we experience many of our favorite games by creating new gameplay scenarios that weren’t possible before. So, after spending the last month playing and testing many local co-op games for Co-play, here are my favorites!

Cuphead (PC)

Playing Cuphead using Parsec changes everything you know about this game. We recently uploaded a video of our experience with Cuphead online co-op, and, as you can see, playing this title with an online friend is an absolute blast. Yes, because of Parsec, your online friend will now be able to witness your rage-inducing boss fights in real time; but that is not a bad thing, after all!

Rayman Legends (PC)

According to many, Rayman Legends is the best 2D platformer of the modern gaming era. I finished the game on PlayStation Vita 2 years ago, but Co-play gave me a reason to start playing this on PC with a friend a few weeks ago. Now, I finally have another reason to talk about the UbiArt Framework (the engine Rayman Legends runs on) and its beauty. While the game is gorgeous, the simple and fluid gameplay is what keeps me hooked. In the world of Rayman, there is always a surprise around the corner. It’s a dream package.

Sonic Mania (PC)

Playing Sonic Mania through Parsec is what sold me on the idea of having a friend “taking over the virtual controller”. When I started playing Sonic Mania a few weeks ago, I told one of my friends about it. He was very excited about the game, so, I asked him to play the game with me through Parsec. We spent hours challenging each others on who could get the best scores, turning what was a fun local co-op platformer into a competitive, cooperative and social gaming experience!

Crawl (PC)

Crawl is a competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler where your friends control monsters and bosses. Now, if that premise sounds insane for a local co-op game, imagine how much crazier things get when you add online gameplay to it! After many users on the Parsec Discord server and social media suggested that I try this game, I decided to give Crawl a try. I played this game with my friend Cameron using Parsec, and the experience was as frantic, tense, and addictive as it sounds. Up to 3 online friends using Parsec can join you in this easy to pick up, deep and rewarding experience. In my opinion, this is one of the best multiplayer experiences on Steam, and one that truly benefits of Co-play.

TowerFall (PC)

As a local co-op title, TowerFall Ascension is absolutely sublime. If you are hosting a gaming party at your house, and you are looking for the game that will steal the spotlight, TowerFall is perfect. But here is the issue; if you don’t have real-life friends interested in playing together, you will miss out on this gem. When I found out about Parsec, TowerFall was the “technical demo” that I kept showing my friends in order to convince them to play with me. The team has also been playing TowerFall Online at least once a week as part of our gaming playlist. Its fast paced and competitive nature make this game my favorite combat platformer of all time. If you get the expansion mod, you can also play up to 8 players on teams.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (PC)

This game caught me by surprise. If I had to describe Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime in one word, it would be “adorable”. This is a co-op game in every possible way: in order to progress in it, you and your partner will have to switch between lasers, turrets, shields and much more. The game requires a good amount of strategy, coordination and team-work. The whimsical visuals, the inspired soundtrack and the unique gameplay make Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime one of the most intimate gaming experiences you can play with a friend.

Overcooked (PC)

I am addicted to playing Overcooked online co-op. It first started with me telling Cameron (yes, him again) that I needed an online gaming partner to “cook and serve burgers”. Then, I asked Omar (the Parsec video editor) to join us in serving rice (I am not kidding). Now, we play Overcooked every single night, for what has become a multiplayer experience that would have never existed without Parsec. Also, this is the only time of the day where I don’t suck at cooking.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PC)

Tons of massive open world hubs, hundreds of characters, and a blockbuster story campaign. So, the question is: Why would you NOT want to play Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 online with a friend?! I have had the chance to play this fantastic game for our YouTube channel, and it was a really fun experience. LMSH2 is the most cinematic game in this list, and the only one where you can play as Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man at the same time!

And there it is. These games are some of our favorite Co-play experiences so far, but don’t forget that Co-play is not limited to a set amount of games, so, if you own any title that supports local co-op and have Parsec installed on your device, it’s game on! Feel free to share your favorite Co-play games in the responses below, or on our social channels (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube)!

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