Parsec IRL

Parsec At NAB Show 2022

Guess who’s back? Back again? Parsec’s back (at events); tell a friend! Don’t worry, we come bearing more than earworms that better still be relevant to today’s pop culture (otherwise we’re going to pen a very annoyed post on LiveJournal).At the end of April, the Parsec team attended our first in-person event in over two years. We were off to sunny Las Vegas for NAB Show, a symposium for content creators in media, entertainment, and technology. It’s the perfect place to meet creators who can use Parsec to improve their workflows and enhance employee wellbeing by offering a hybrid workplace that’s just as efficient as working in-office.

The Parsec (and SyncSketch) booth

NAB Show isn’t a fan-focused event, but fans of Parsec made themselves known anyway! It was awesome to meet members of the Parsec community and hear your feedback directly. We hope we greeted you all, and showered you in free shirts and stickers.

The shiniest stickers, the purest hand sanitizer, and the softest shirts

For our first foray into the real world after lockdown, NAB Show was a huge success. We can’t wait for next year.

Fernando, Dave, Adrienne, and Steph of Team Parsec

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