Parsec Delivers Daily Hangouts And Shared Experiences Separated By 2,500 Miles

Theodora, her boyfriend, and friends in VRChat

Theodora and Daniel have been using Parsec to play multiplayer games together online for months. Recently Theodora reached out to us to tell us how Parsec has become the go-to method for her boyfriend (Daniel) and friends to hang out every night. Theodora moved from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida to help a friend. But that move took her away from her boyfriend and friends in California. At first, Theodora was looking for a way to get computer help from her boyfriend via TeamViewer, but a quick Google search led her to Parsec. Her boyfriend and friends all jumped into a Parsec session and played old games from GameCube to recreate the couch gaming moments they shared as kids. Parsec not only brings them closer together, but keeps them entertained for hours every night after work.

So far on Parsec, Theodora, Daniel, and her friends have beaten Super Mario 3D World, Overcooked, and Overcooked 2. She was quite proud to also add that they are extremely close to beating Cuphead — an accomplishment not meant for the feint of heart. As a ritual, however, they always reserve Thursdays for their weekly Mario Kart competition — they furiously compete on the circuit to claim bragging rights for the week.

You’ve brought me and my friends and family a lot closer and I can’t thank you guys enough for that.

Theodora’s favorite part about gaming is the ability to meet new people and access a community of friends who share a love for games. She uses Discord every day to stay in touch with her friends and has added Parsec to her daily tool set for hanging with her family, friends, and Daniel. For them, Parsec isn’t just about gaming. They use it as a way to feel together across the country. In addition to gaming, they’re getting a lot more entertainment through Parsec watching movies together. I actually did this as well when my girlfriend (now fiance ❤️) was living in Minnesota for a couple months.

There isn’t a platform I can find like Parsec. Parsec has been added to my list of daily tools, and I can say it has brought me closer. It is crazy that I can plug my controller in and be connected to another person’s PC.

Parsec is all about bringing people together and sharing memorable experiences with friends and family through the virtual couch gaming experience. We love hearing stories like this. If you have one to share, reach out on Discord. Check out Parsec here, and have fun gaming!

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