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Video Tutorial: Parsec for art, animation, and design

Everything you need to know about doing creative work in Parsec, now in nifty video form.

Calling all designers, animators, artists, 3D graphics professionals, hobbyists, and general-high-tech-creative-folk navigating working remote: Parsec’s here to solve basically all your woes.

Parsec gives you blazing fast, silky smooth access to your high-powered, GPU enabled computer from anywhere. That means in the click of a button across just about any device, you can complete a render, collaborate with a colleague, or get some work done whenever the inspiration strikes. Anywhere, anytime.

The video above shows you all the settings you need to get started. Some of the best features for work are available to people who upgrade to Parsec Warp or Parsec for Teams. Those features include:

Dual Monitor Streaming: Get two Parsec streams running on two monitors at the same time. Adjust their settings to make them perfect for your set-up.

4:4:4 Color Mode: Improve the color quality on a Parsec stream when you’re working in detailed frames, stills, or text applications.

Virtual Monitors & Privacy Mode: Launch multiple streams from host computers that don’t have a monitor connected.

Full Drawing Tablet Support: Plug a tablet in on your client, and you’ll have full tilt-sensitive, pressure-sensitive control.

Got questions? There’s plenty of getting started guides for work available in our Help Center. Quick links below.

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