Parsec Is Now Supported On Simplay’s Cloud Gaming Machines

Simplay offers one of the best values for cloud gaming on the market. You can subscribe to their service and receive a gaming PC that supports 60 FPS gaming for just $19.99 per month. Since Simplay focuses on and offers one of the best price-to-performance ratios in gaming, we’re excited that they are now fully supporting Parsec for game streaming. Our mission is to increase accessibility and freedom in gaming. Having our streaming technology power the gaming experiences on more gaming hardware in the cloud pushes this vision forward and gives gamers the best cloud gaming experience possible for $20/month.

Parsec is the world’s best real-time streamer, specifically designed to stream 60+ FPS games. Coupled with Simplay’s high-end game servers and affordable plans, it offers an incredible way to play on any device. –Simplay

Why Does This Make Sense?

Many may wonder why we would agree to allow what seems like a competitor to take advantage of our streamer to improve their offering. But that’s not how we think about our business or the future of gaming. At Parsec, we believe the relationship you have with your computer and gaming hardware is going to change dramatically in the next few years. The world is moving to a new era of computing where each person has the freedom to access her content and hardware on any screen. This accessibility will change the way we think about hardware and eliminate the constant upgrade cycles. Instead, we’ll always have access to the games and content we love from anywhere on any device.

And, as Simplay said, “what if a $20/mo Simplay PC is an “OK” offering with Photon, but a kickass “holy crap where do I sign up??” deal with Parsec?

We offer a marketplace of cloud gaming PCs for you to choose from. We don’t consider the hardware for cloud gaming to be our core competency, so we partner with other companies to allow them to sell their cloud gaming PCs to our customers. In our opinion, this makes cloud gaming available to more people and increases the value of the Parsec streaming software. Partnering with Simplay gives Parsec users more choice over the hardware, price, and location of their cloud gaming rigs.

Streaming Is Our Game

We are 100% focused on our streaming software, and love that other cloud gaming companies are starting to inquire about partnerships. Many cloud gaming companies have built fantastic businesses around optimizing cloud hardware. We haven’t done any work around this, and we don’t plan to. We’re always going to focus on the streaming software to make remotely accessing gaming hardware the best experience possible.

We’re building a ton of new technology at Parsec to improve the overall experience of game streaming, and we’re looking forward to continuing to lead the industry in this effort while partnering with data centers that have gaming hardware.

Let’s Partner

If you’d like to offer machines to our users in our Cloud Gaming Marketplace, we have documentation that outlines what we’d need to start working together. If you have the APIs available in that document, we can integrate your hardware within a couple of days. From that point on, you’ll be able to sell your hardware to all of our gaming customers.

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