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Cloud creatives rejoice: Parsec for Teams BYOL AMIs are now available in the AWS Marketplace

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We’re excited to announce that Parsec’s high-performance, ultra-low latency desktop streaming is easily accessible in the cloud through the AWS Marketplace. Starting today, anyone with GPU-intensive workloads, like game developers, animators, post-production specialists, and architects, can launch G4 instances pre-configured with Parsec for Teams. It extends the cost effectiveness and versatility of Amazon’s G4 instances so you can access your cloud machines from any device anywhere with Parsec.

Parsec for Teams has become a go-to remote desktop solution for leaders in these creative industries as they navigate remote and flexible work. Our proprietary, peer-to-peer streaming lets people access computers through a secure, encrypted connection, whether they’re located on-prem or in the cloud. And Parsec’s performance is fine-tuned for the most graphically demanding work. Industry leading input latency, image quality, and stream smoothness blur the lines between a remote and local machine.

Team and computer management is a breeze for IT administrators. Once you launch an instance, (and obtain a Parsec for Teams license) you can assign computers on the fly and make them available to team members. All you would have to do is open the Parsec app, connect to your computer, and get to work. The Parsec admin panel allows you to manage connections, download detailed activity logs, and adjust permissions on the fly. And Enterprise customers can use Parsec’s APIs to perform these administrative tasks automatically, making scaled cloud infrastructure available to creative teams instantly.

Collaboration is also built right in. Once a machine has been launched, it’s instantly accessible to the people who need it. And if you need help on a task, are reviewing work, or want to interact with the same project, working together is as simple as sharing a link with a colleague. All this is to make work feel as seamless and simple as it does at the office, even if you’re connecting to an AWS machine from hundreds of miles away.

By bringing Parsec for Teams into the cloud, we hope to make it even easier for creative businesses to launch and scale remote infrastructure where and when they need it. We’re already seeing game testers, user research groups, and marketing teams use the cloud for remote activations. In a few clicks, you can launch large scale game tests or press previews, bringing thousands of players in for a brief period of time in a way that’s cost-effective and shows titles in full-fidelity.

As more industries come to rely on real-time 3D content, and as businesses shift to hybrid and remote work, Parsec’s partnership with AWS enables people to stay productive and collaborate seamlessly, as easily as they would in the office.  It takes us one step closer to a totally virtual workplace.

Parsec for Teams is available on the AWS Marketplace on G4 instances, with an option for both NVIDIA or AMD. Amazon EC2 G4ad instances powered by AMD combine 7nm 2nd Gen AMD EPYC(™) CPUs and AMD Radeon PROTM V520 GPUs to deliver outstanding levels of productivity and performance from critical workstation applications. Packed with vCPU cores, the G4ad instances offer better multi-tasking across key applications and powers through multi-threaded tasks. The AMD Radeon PRO V520 GPUs are built on AMD’s groundbreaking RDNATM architecture that accelerates graphics-intensive workloads and delivers high-performance experiences for designers, creators, programmers and gamers alike. With five configurations to choose from and access to AMD Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise, G4ad instances offers professionals a true workstation-class experience from virtually anywhere.

Current Parsec for Teams customers can get started by simply selecting their configuration from AWS Marketplace and launching the AMIs here. 

And to get started with Parsec for Teams, head here and get in touch:

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