PC / Mac Co-play On The Xbox One / PS4 At 1080P60

Another Parsec hack from your favorite tinkerer, James Stringer!

Local multiplayer games like Cuphead and Overcooked are an awesome way for you to get together with your friends at home and play video games together, but what happens when your friends don’t live close by? You miss out on a very good co play experience.

These instructions are going to show you how to share these games to your friends with a Mac or PC, over the internet. The best part? Only one person needs a game console, and the stream runs at 1080P60, and has no 30-minute limit.

Things you need?




Step 1.

Plug in the Titan One into your games console, and plug in the spare PS4 or Xbox One controller into the USB port of the Titan One (required for controller authentication — otherwise Titan One flashes O-A). Then use the mini USB cable included with the Titan One to plug in the Titan One to your PC

Step 2.

Update your Titan One to latest firmware using the GTuner Pro Titan One software available for download and install MaxAim DI plugin for GTuner on your PC — from there you will need to set your Titan one in the GTuner settings to match the console type you are using, and use MaxAim Di to create a button mapping with your Xbox controller — it will ask you to connect a game controller, please note that Parsec needs an Xinput controller (Xbox), so if you only have a PS4 controller, use DS4Windows to enable Xinput. Make sure to save the mapping profile when you’re done.

Step 3.

Plug in console via HDMI to HD 60 Pro capture card “Input” port, and the Headless HDMI dongle into the “Output” port.

Step 4.

Launch the Elgato Capture HD software, you should now see the output of your games console (eg. whatever is on the screen on the console)

Step 5.

Let your friend connect via Parsec– they will need an Xbox 360 or Xbox one controller for this to work (or have their PS4 controller connected with DS4Windows with Xinput mode enabled). Approve their control via the host tab and ask them to press a button and their controller should mount on your PC, they should now also see whatever is on your screen.

Step 6.

Open MaxAimDi and select the Xbox 360 Input device from the list (this is how their controller will appear on your PC), get your friend to press buttons, to ensure the button presses are detected by Max Aim.

Step 7.

Your friend should now be able to control the Xbox as player 2, and when you full screen Elgato Capture HD, they should see a low latency copy of exactly what you’re seeing on the console, and be able to control it with their controller!

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