How Three Colleagues Have Bonded Playing Destiny 2 At Work Using Parsec’s Game Streaming

These aren’t Jean-Mathieu, Francis, and Jean-Christophe, but you get it.

In Quebec, Canada, Jean-Mathieu, Francis, and Jean-Christophe work together in an open office floor plan, which is great for collaboration most of the day, but for a glorious hour each day, gives them the opportunity to play PC games together. Prior to finding Parsec, the lunch hour may have been filled with conversations about the games they were playing at home and planning the next time they could get online together from home and group-up in Overwatch. But when Jean-Mathieu discovered Parsec in late July, 2017, he immediately realized the potential — he and his two co-workers could actually game together in real-life, during the day, without worrying about the hardware requirements.

Jean-Mathieu couldn’t believe it when he first tried Parsec and showed his colleagues. Parsec achieves a “steady 60fps 1080p, which is just unbelievable for remote play.”

The three colleagues have worked together between 3–6 years. They have Xeon processors in their Thinkstation Workstations. These are powerful computers, but they’re not built to game. At home, however, the three of them have impressive setups that put their gaming at the next level. Jean-Mathieu has a Xeon processor with a GTX 970 SLI. One co-worker has an i7 with a 1080ti, and the other has an i5 with a GTX 1070 —like I said, they have some great hardware ;).

We use [Parsec] to play really any kind of games, and we use Parsec because our computers at work are nowhere near able to play recent games, but they are superb at rendering the Parsec stream.

Anyway, back to the gaming. The three co-workers installed Parsec on those gaming machines after Jean-Mathieu found the service in July. From that day on, they’ve been able to log in to their gaming PCs and game stream at work. For an hour each day, they primarily play Destiny 2 in co-op mode and Overwatch. They tend to switch between PvE and PvP modes, but generally play the PvE variety. The delay is pretty minimal since they’re playing games from home, which is relatively close to their office.

Parsec is letting these friends to play together, from the office during their break. Jean-Mathieu promised me that it’s no secret that they’re gaming during the lunch break. Since it’s an open office, other colleagues stop by and watch their epic raids.

Parsec game streaming takes their passionate conversations about gaming during lunch to the next level, giving them the chance to share gaming moments in real life. With Parsec, you can stream games from your PC anywhere, connect to gaming PCs in the cloud, or invite friends to play the games with you.

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