#PlayedOnParsec Competition For DIY Projects And Videos

We are extremely lucky to have very passionate early adopters in our Discord Server who have been tinkering and finding innovative ways to play games with Parsec. To continue to encourage more DIY projects, we’re holding a friendly competition for the best use of Parsec to play games.

The winner of the competition can choose between this Razer Mouse and this Logitech Mouse.

Please submit a link to a YouTube video showing off your creation or use of Parsec by June 15, and we’ll let the Discord community vote on the winning project by June 22.

Playing Rocket League at our gaming party on a Raspberry Pi

You can either film yourself doing something that wasn’t possible without Parsec, like this video of my friends and I playing FIFA17 on a Raspberry Pi and on my Mac via a cloud server.

Or you can show of your hacking skills, like Gianfranco did with this Wake-on-LAN script.

Or you can set up a new device, like James did with a USB Wheel passed to his cloud server.

We’re excited to see what you all make!

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