Playing Cuphead With Friends Over The Internet For Online Co-Op Mode

Parsec allows you and your friends to connect to one another and play co-op games online over the internet at 60 FPS with HD video. Our streaming software enables new ways to connect and play couch games with minimal lag over large distances. Cuphead is a new game that feels like an homage to Mega Man with a 1930s esthetic. A bunch of Parsec users have been playing this over the last few days, even one from Germany made this video (English subtitles). We decided to play as a team and invite members of our Discord community to join us for our weekly game night.

Chris, with his long-lived love for Mega Man (see his Github profile) was much better than the rest of the n00bs on the team.

We think the ability to play co-op games online with your friends in different cities helps recreate the couch gaming feel without having to actually sit in the same room. Try Parsec today with some friends and get in on the Cuphead action with virtual couch gaming.

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