Playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 On A MacBook And Local Co-Op Mode With Parsec

Parsec lets you play PC games on any device. DSO2 rightfully got incredible reviews across the board for its beautiful fantasy world and side quests, so a lot of people without gaming PCs have been excited to give it a shot. With Parsec, you don’t have to build a gaming PC to play DOS2. You can use the Parsec cloud gaming options to build one in the cloud from Amazon Web Services or Paperspace. Once you have the game running on your cloud machine, you can get into one of the best parts of DOS2 — local co-op mode, which is highlighted in this fantastic trailer. Since Parsec allows you to co-play games as if you were in the same room, we were especially interested in the split screen mode in DOS2 and try out local co-op mode online with friends.

We decided to play some DOS2 on a Mac to see how the RPG would hold up on a cloud machine. Marcus is playing from his home in Colorado on one of the West Coast servers. Although he didn’t have a friend to play with for that split screen action, he filmed some action as Ifan ban-Mezd. Although he didn’t venture into a custom character, he was able to do some fun exploring with Ifan’s origin story.

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