Playing Video Games Together Via Parsec – Bridging The Distance In A New Relationship

Kanny is in college in California, and she met her girlfriend, Isabel, who lives in Indiana, online. Although they’ve never met in-person, the internet has made it possible for them to forge a relationship across the country while Kanny finishes school. After meeting online, Kanny and Isabel were looking for a way to play video games together. One night in college, Kanny’s friend introduced her to Parsec to host an online Mario Party game night with friends, and she realized that she could use Parsec to form a deeper connection through gaming with her girlfriend.

Parsec has allowed me to bridge that gap a little bit to enjoy playing video games together even when we are so far apart and I’m thankful for my friend who introduced me to it.

Kanny and her girlfriend connect across the country to play local co-op games as well as share the controller in games that Isabel wouldn’t normally have the ability to play since she doesn’t have a gaming PC. While they’re playing games, they hang out, talk, and bridge the gap that their physical distance creates while Kanny is in college.

Kanny and Isabel have played games throughout their lives. Kanny told me her favorite part about gaming is the social aspect that allows her to meet new people and share an imaginary world together. Her favorite games over the years have been the Dark Souls and Monster Hunter franchises, but recently Isabel and Kanny have been playing a lot of Slap City through Parsec. Although it has online multiplayer, Kanny thinks Parsec’s online functionality is better for her and Isabel.

When Kanny found Parsec, she was truly “blown away with how smooth it is to stream video games without much lag while allowing her friends to share experiences that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible to them.” We are always excited to hear when Parsec is increasing your access to games and creating new experiences for friends and two people in love.

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