Queue Up And Play WoW Classic From Work On Your Phone Or Laptop

Okay, we know the queues are a bit ridiculous in WoW Classic, but if you want to get set up before you head home from work, Parsec is a great tool to fire up WoW from the office on your gaming PC at home, queue up, and if you’re lucky enough to get to the front, log in and play a bit before getting booted for inactivity. WoW is our testing game at Parsec, so we’ve done a lot to make sure input handling is done well in WoW from your laptop and even your phone. You could just use TeamViewer or Chrome Remote Desktop for the same purpose, but if you do get to the front of the queue and want to start playing from your phone or from the office, you’ll want Parsec for our input handling, low latency, and high frame rates. Don’t be that person who gets home from work and sits in a 120 minute queue hoping to get into the game with your friends and download Parsec today.

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