Introducing Parsec for Teams

At Parsec, we are passionate about increasing access to games, software, and content from anywhere on any device. Since our technology’s foundation is in gaming, we’ve been extremely picky about our ultra-low latency, high frame rate interactive streaming software. Because of this, the remote interactive streaming technology we are perfecting for gamers has become an invaluable tool to anyone who wants to remotely access their powerful workstations from home with a low bandwidth, smooth 60 frame per second UHD remote desktop tool. People use Parsec so they can continue building games, developing 3D models, editing video, and using their computer aided design software on low powered machines, like tablets, laptops, and phones at home. Today, we’re releasing Parsec for Teams to help companies manage how people access their powerful workstations from home.

Parsec’s protocols keep everything in-sync, handle changes in absolute and relative mouse modes fluidly, maintain a smooth 60 frames per second ultra HD stream, and do so with as little bandwidth as possible. Working on the road, from home, at the office, or anywhere in the world should be as simple as connecting to your gaming PC in Parsec. With Parsec for Teams, you can do just that and feel confident that you have the control and tools to manage your team’s access to workstations from a simple administrator interface.

Parsec for Teams gives system administrators more control over how a team uses Parsec to remotely access 3D graphics and game development workstations from anywhere. With this feature, a Team admin in Parsec can invite people to join a Team, strictly control how they access a workstation in the office, and deliver the best remote accessibility for 3D graphics, computer aided design, and game development. This makes it so a team can keep using their hardware from anywhere.

Parsec is likely used by someone in your office to remotely design or develop games, edit video, or collaborate on 3D graphics. Now, with Teams, companies can increase control over that and distribute the software throughout an entire organization while helping people work from anywhere, no matter how intense the graphics programs are that they use daily. This makes it so you can confidently let your teams work from home without worrying about their inability to continue building with their 3D graphics tool set and maintain strict access control to the machines.

Traditional remote desktop tools provide sufficient features to work on email and Word documents remotely, but anyone working with 3D graphics knows that it’s nearly impossible to do use their software without sitting in front of their workstation. Rotating a 3D image via a standard remote desktop tool feels like watching a 15 FPS gif leading to a maddeningly annoying process of fiddling with the rotation to just get some work done. Additionally, transferring enormous files from one computer to the other, collaborating across offices, and accessing your workstation from home can be extremely cumbersome. Parsec’s streaming software built for gaming has quickly become a go-to tool for remotely accessing workstations, so people can continue building games, editing graphics, or collaborating on video editing from anywhere.

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