RTX Cloud Gaming With the New AWS G4 Instances

Looking to roll your own RTX Enabled 4K 60FPS cloud gaming instance using the new AWS G4 instance, based on the NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU?

We have built a customized Powershell script, called the Parsec Cloud Preparation Tool. The Parsec Cloud Preparation tool will take your unconfigured Windows Server 2016 G4 instance and configure the system with all settings, drivers and software required to prepare your machine for cloud gaming.

It also automatically installs our low latency game streaming software and pre-sets the configuration to work well with these machines. Together with your AWS G4 instance, and Parsec you can have a world class cloud gaming experience at up to 4K 60FPS as well as fully supporting NVIDIA RTX.

Here is everything you need to know:

  1. Create an AWS G4dn.xlarge instance based on the “Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base” AMI
  2. Be sure to add sufficient storage in order to install your software and games
  3. The default security group includes port 3389 for RDP, keep this, as we will use RDP to initially configure the instance
  4. Create a keypair or use an existing keypair to secure the instance
  5. Launch the instance

Once the instance has successfully started:

  1. Connect to the instance via RDP using the decrypted keypair password
  2. Open Powershell from the Start Menu on the Server 2016 G4 Instance
  3. Grab the code snippet from here — copy it and paste it into the Powershell window on the Server 2016 G4 Instance, and press enter.
  4. Wait for the script to run, it will take 10–15 minutes at most while it configures your machine.
  5. Once the script has finished, it will show you some instructions in red, please follow these — you will be required to complete these in order for the system to work correctly, these may include setting up auto logon, and signing into Parsec
  6. The last step will be to run the GPU Updater Tool found on the desktop — this will install the correct NVIDIA Gaming Driver for your Tesla T4 instance, enabling 4K 60FPS RTX Gaming.
  7. Once the driver has installed, your machine will automatically reboot — if you have followed the instructions correctly, you should be able to install Parsec on your local computer, and connect to your cloud computer! — Please note that Remote Desktop (RDP) and Parsec cannot be used at the same time, you must reboot your machine after using Remote Desktop.

You can install the Parsec Client on Windows 7+ , macOS, Ubuntu 18.04LTS, Android, and Raspbian Stretch — or use our Chrome browser web client. Find the Parsec downloads page here.

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