Setting Up Game Streaming In The Cloud With Parsec + Paperspace Just Got A Lot Easier

Paperspace offers the most powerful GPUs in the cloud today. This makes their machines perfect for cloud gaming. With Parsec game streaming software + Paperspace GPUs, you get an amazing gaming experience without having to build or own your own gaming PC. We believe the world of computing is going to shift from ownership to access, and making this possible for gaming is our mission. We’ve built a low latency, 60FPS, HD game streaming technology for this purpose.

Larry Gadea, who wrote this excellent blog post about AWS and Steam-in-home-streaming a few years ago, recently posted his take on the combination of Parsec and Paperspace.

We initially partnered with Paperspace to make it a lot easier to set up a cloud-based gaming PC a few months ago. The demand has been way greater than our expectations, so we worked with Paperspace to make it a lot easier.

Step 1 — Set up your account with Paperspace + Parsec

  • Head over to Parsec and create an account and download our application to your current computer.
  • Then visit Paperspace, create an account, and choose a VM in the region closest to you.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter the promo code PARSEC2017 to access the next part of the process.
  • When you choose your operating system, there’s a small tab for public templates, please choose the public template for Parsec.
  • You can either launch with a GPU+ or their top-of-the-line p5000 GPUs.
  • For those who have used this in the past, you no longer need a public IP (yay to saving $5 per month!)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, launch your machine, and wait for it to be built for about 5 minutes.

Step 2 — Launching Parsec

  • When the machine is ready to go, launch the Paperspace browser and you’ll see the desktop. There’s a readme file for Parsec there.
  • Launch Parsec from the start menu, sign in using the credentials from step 1 and choose to host from this machine.
  • Close the Paperspace browser, and launch the Parsec Application on your local computer.

Step 3 — GAME ON!

  • Headshots and victory dances. Have fun 🙂

If you have questions, jump into our Discord Server or check out the Parsec FAQ. For optimal settings, please note that every setup is different. This article in the FAQ might help you get the best results.

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