The Best Remote Desktop Is One Fine-Tuned for Gaming

Like most technology companies, right now we’re all working on building Parsec remotely. It’s been quite the transition: engineers aren’t able to easily pair on a product change. Designers can’t get quick feedback on a new piece of interface. Happy hour and Smash is now…well, it’s still Happy Hour, but Smash is a little tougher. Everyone on Parsec staff is healthy (knock on wood), and we hope you all are too.

Last month, we launched Parsec for Teams. We had known that nearly one third of you were using Parsec to access work computers, but designing for that use case never felt right. With more and more industries forced to figure out how their companies and projects can function in this new normal, we decided to give it a shot. We’re glad we did.

A typical Parsec workstation includes a sword.

Keeping Games Going

One of the toughest industries for remote work is game development. Just about every creative team on a major game relies on intense, high-GPU, high-precision software. A level designer needs 3dsMax or Maya. An audio engineer needs Protools or Ableton. An engineer needs to be able to access an engine, like Unreal or Unity. Even playtesters working on balancing the game need to be able to access temperamental builds and prototypes. All of these artists wind up relying on super powerful computers at studios. If they’re working, they’re in the office.

Plenty of remote desktop software will let people access these computers, but actually using the software is another thing: they were built to support stability, or security & systems operations, or processing power. Input precision, frame rate, and mouse handling have always been secondary to serving the widest cross section of industries.

Parsec, on the other hand, is built for intense gaming experiences, where missing a frame can literally mean losing a (figurative) life. Precision input and perfect video is our primary feature. We deliver consistent, crystal clear 60 frames per second UHD video out of a computer. We’ve fine-tuned an entire remote desktop experience for gaming. Incidentally, we wound up with a remote desktop experience perfect for game development.

Many game development studios have been able to keep progress moving forward on their releases because of Parsec for Teams. Artists, designers, and developers are able to continue collaborating while working from home and taking care of their kids. We’ll be able to tell you about some of those studios soon, but we’re so proud to play a small part in helping our favorite games make their release dates.

Your work computer, available everywhere.

What’s Good for Gaming is Great for Everyone

Even though game dev is our team’s favorite industry (sorry, everyone else), most creative fields have team members who find it basically impossible to work as productively from home as they would from the studio. Well, turns out software for game development is perfect for them, too.

Animation studios need fluid playback and precise mouse handling. So do video games. Film production, editing, and correction require incredible definition, and timing down to the millisecond. So do video games. Architecture firms, graphic design, and industrial design require multiple inputs to be perfectly handled on a single file. Sure sounds like a co-op multiplayer game to us.

The fact is, the perfect remote desktop experience for creatives was always going to be one designed for video games. We just happened to have one lying around.

We can’t wait to see, play, and experience the things people are able to make because their team is using Parsec for Teams. If you want to learn more about using Parsec for your job, check it out here or drop us a line.

Oh, and don’t worry: Parsec is still for gamers. We just released a huge update about it.

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