The Parsec SDK — Powering A Cloud Streaming Product For Designers

Fumarii Technologies is building a business that increases access to the tools that designers, video editors, and engineers need to get their job done faster and from any hardware. To deliver on this vision, the Fumarii team licensed the Parsec SDK to make the cloud editing experience for 3D applications fluid, at the lowest latency possible, and accessible on any device. Parsec’s SDK is wrapped into the Fumarii experience to seamlessly deliver access on any device to a cloud machine with the tools creatives need. Their desire to increase access to the tools and technologies that creatives need fits right into the Parsec mission to free people from their hardware and give them access to their favorite content and software from anywhere. With Fumarii, Samsung, HP, and many others, we’re expanding the reach of our technology and delivering the tools to others who create experiences that their customers love.

We’ve spent nearly four years building low latency streaming technology for gaming with our own custom networking protocol, video capture, encode, decode, and rendering software, and custom hardware-specific optimizations on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Our goal is to make this technology available for more people and more use-cases through our SDK.

Liam Gill, CEO and co-founder of Fumarii, had this to say about Parsec:

Parsec has the best remote access technology on the market allowing us to build a custom virtual desktop infrastructure product specifically for design firms. With Parsec, our customers are able to use all of their CAD, graphic design, and video editing apps at maximum quality from a cloud machine with little to no latency at 60 frames per second. This increases access to valuable design tools and gives our customers the freedom to work from anywhere. Parsec’s technology gives us a competitive edge over legacy products like Amazon Workspaces while giving Fumarii the control we need to deliver the best experience for our customers.

We’re on a mission to make the world’s most demanding interactive content and software more accessible, giving people the technology and software they need without worrying about their hardware constraints.

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