Top 5 Games That Need A Sequel

Gaming is an incredibly popular medium that touches the lives of billions every single day. It’s the passion that motivated us to create Parsec, and push the social aspects of gaming with features such as Co-play. At the end of the day, we are all gamers because of one title that, in a way or the other, left a huge mark on our lives. I personally started playing video games when I found out about Unreal Tournament, and its classic, action-packed FPS arena gameplay. That new, interactive, frantic experience made me realize that video games were going to be a big part of my life, and that I wanted to invest more time into that passion. There is not a set rule or reason why people fall in love with a certain game: sometimes it is a strong protagonist, a gameplay mode or a fantastic story. On the other side, it is also true that sometimes we get attached to games that don’t get sequels. Why does that happen? Well, it is often related to the fact that a certain title did not meet financial expectations, or because of creative differences. Since every case is different, let’s run down together some of the best games that deserve sequels. Note: this list includes franchises with multiple iterations that haven’t gotten a new game in several years.

Saints Row

I love the Saints Row Series because of its great humor and compelling writing. Saints Row The Third is one of the few games I finished twice in my entire life, and that is because of the insanity of its gameplay. Let’s be honest, not many other games will have you shooting bad guys with “Bonnie Tyler – I Need a Hero” playing in the background. While Saints Row The Third is a unique take on the gangster subgenre, Saints Row IV is probably the best superhero simulator of all time (and another great game in the series). With that being said, it has been over 4 years and we still haven’t had a true sequel to Saints Row (Agents of Mayhem doesn’t count). Please, Deep Silver, make it happen.


You know that if there is a list of gaming sequels that haven’t been released, Half-Life 3 needs to be there. Half life 2 came out 13 years ago, and it is to this day one of the highest rated games on Metacritic. At the time it released, Half-Life 2 initiated a new era of physics engines in the gaming industry. Not only the game was a fantastic showing of the Source engine, but it was also one of the first games to use Havok’s engine. Fans of the series have been waiting on a sequel for the last 13 years, and Valve, developer of the series, has been teasing the entire gaming community for years. Will Half-Life 3 ever be a thing? Hopefully, we will find out, at some point in life…

Spyro The Dragon

When I was a child, Spyro meant a lot to me. As a kid, I did not know that I was playing a beautifully crafted platformer; all I knew is that I was having tons of fun. As an adult, I truly miss this franchise and hope for it to come back one day. While Spyro joined many other characters in the toys-to-life action series Skylanders, we haven’t seen the popular character star in a standalone game since 2008. With remasters for Crash Bandicoot and MediEvil being a thing, I have no doubt a new Spyro game will be announced in the future. Sony seems to be open to the idea of bringing back some of the characters that defined the early generations of PlayStation, so I am confident it is only a matter of time.

Twisted Metal

Before putting 1000 hours into Rocket League, Twisted Metal was my vehicular combat game of choice. While the series has sold millions of units, we haven’t seen a Twisted Metal game since 2012. Its original creator, David Jaffe, has moved to other projects, and has not been involved with the series for a long time. I personally believe that a free to play version of Twisted Metal could do really well on PS4. The console is still missing that exclusive PS4 arcade game, years after its launch. C’mon, it is time to bring that arcade, explosive and mindless fun we all deserve!


When gamers think of Rockstar, the first two names that come to mind are Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Those two franchises are some of the best games you can play on current and last gen. But, fans often forget about what is, in my opinion, the most unique title Rockstar has ever released: Bully. Just like the name suggests, Bully had players control teenage rebel James “Jimmy” Hopkins. Needless to say, the game allowed players to fight students, run from prefects, and, well, be a bully. While the game was very controversial at the time (not surprising seeing the theme of the title), critics praised its fun gameplay and unique setting. Every year we get to hear several rumors about a potential sequel, but nothing has happened yet. Only the future will tell.

What about sequels that YOU would like to see? Make sure to post your picks in the comment section below! While you wait for those titles to (eventually) drop, feel free to download Parsec to play your favorite games!

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