Twitch Channels Increasing Revenue With Coaching

As eSports grows from an $84 million industry in 2014 to a predicted $1.2 billion in the United States alone, gamers are looking for an edge in the next competition. With purses approaching $2 million for the winners and a growing gambling industry, it’s understandable why people are turning to popular Twitch and YouTube channels for tips and tricks. With growing demand for advice, these popular players are starting to offer training and coaching to their subscribers. In an analysis of 4,213 channels streaming in June, 4.4% or 184 of those channels were offering subscribers some form of coaching and advice.

To gather this data, we checked all of the channel profiles that were streaming on June 14th, and counted them as coaches if they mentioned any of the words in the table at the end of this post. We used wildcard search, so if a channel mentioned the word “coaching”, the “coach” term would catch that mention as well.

In the games we examined, a coaching term was mentioned by users streaming every one of the games, but there were very few coaches streaming The Division or Rocket League when we ran our analysis.

Certain games had a much higher rate of coaches to streamers than others. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft had the highest percentage of coaches approaching 12% of channels streaming.

Interestingly, not all of the channels with lots of followers are offering coaching. Although channels offering coaching tend to have more followers, the difference in followers between coaches and channels that don’t offer coaching is insignificant. This is likely due to a lot of outlier channels not offering coaching, skewing the “Non Coaching” averages.

As you can see in the graph below, coaches offer the talents in every game. There are also a lot of channels with huge followings offering coach services on their profile.

Just like in amateur sports that involve a stick and a ball, coaching will be a big part of eSports. There are a lot of enterprising Twitch streamers who are starting to offer the service, and we’re guessing this will only grow with the popularity of eSports and the money that gamers can earn from competing.

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