Yes, Parsec supports drawing tablets.

tldr; If you’re trying to work remotely and need a remote desktop application built for creatives, you need your drawing tablet. Parsec’s remote desktop software for consumers and teams, now supports drawing tablets.

We’ve always prioritized precise-as-heck input for games. Missing a button press on a mouse or gamepad can completely ruin a gaming session. And as deep believers in “teams who Smash together, stay together”, we’ve always known when we’ve nailed these inputs and when they’ve needed work. Games are in our blood. They’re part of us.

A significant percentage of customers have always used Parsec for more than their games. They turned to us to help them stay connected to their work and the tools they need to get work done. When we launched Parsec for Teams at the beginning of quarantine, we stumbled into more folks needing all sorts of very specific requirements for very specific jobs in creative fields. We’re talkin’ 3D mice, console dev kits, and, most ubiquitously, drawing tablets.

You know, the pads and styluses your cool friends and coworkers use, and you think they’re making incredible art, but then they’re actually just scrolling Twitter with a danged pen?

Well, pen and tablet support is now available for those who need them through Parsec for Teams and Warp. It’s as precise-as-heck as our gaming inputs. And Parsec’s among the only remote desktop tools that supports them.

Perfect pressure sensitivity, tilt, and position support

Just like an analog stick or a mouse for gamers, an artist needs perfect control of their tools. That’s why we worked to ensure that full pen dynamics, including pressure sensitivity and tilt, are respected.

Using a Wacom (or any other) tablet while Parsec-ed into your workstation should feel exactly like sitting in front of your computer.

Connect, plug-in, and make something for yourself

The other thing that’s magic about Parsec’s tablet support is that it just works. Connect to your host computer, plug in your tablet, and start drawing. No drivers, no installs, no custom settings.

It’s seamless, it’s easy, and it lets you focus on the important thing: actually using the tablet.

The perfect (only?) remote desktop for artists

We think drawing tablet support takes Parsec pretty close to being the perfect solution for artists working remotely. You can access the software you need, the working files you’re collaborating on, with the inputs you rely on. You can do it with full pen pressure and tilt support, rely on perfect 8-bit 4:4:4 color, and do it all on 2 screens.

It’s pretty sweet, tbh.

If you’re an artist, designer, animator, architect, or just someone who likes using a tablet to scroll Twitter, upgrade to Warp to try it out. Or if you want to discuss getting your art team set up for remote tablets, check out Parsec for Teams.

Hope this wasn’t too drawn out.

Drawing tablet support’s only available on hosts running Windows 10 and clients running Windows 8+. Mac client support’s coming soon.

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